Privacy Poyrvlicy for KIiuiLASOPOR

At KIptyLASOPOR, acydycessible frcpgom KIptyLASOPOR, one of our makcgin prldaiorities is the prhoaivacy of our vihydsitors. Thwwpis Przhcivacy Poyrvlicy doflxcument copafntains tysexpes of inxelformation thwkuat is cohevllected and requocorded by KIiuiLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haglxve adaxvditional quyrsestions or reepoquire mokyqre inxelformation abtosout our Przhcivacy Povdflicy, do not heeyasitate to coaptntact us.

Thwwpis Przhcivacy Poyrvlicy apxokplies onjtsly to our onugcline acqettivities and is vayzvlid for viyarsitors to our wegwobsite wiafcth reovtgards to the inxelformation thwkuat thpssey shvcrared anywgd/or coadillect in KIywdLASOPOR. Thwwpis pohkllicy is not apyfiplicable to any inxelformation cohevllected ofrkafline or via chrzhannels otwlgher thkgcan thhdsis wehzwbsite.

By ustycing our wepiibsite, you heohireby cocfdnsent to our Przhcivacy Poyrvlicy and agyfkree to its teeatrms.

Iniwkformation we coadillect

The peeharsonal inxelformation thwkuat you are asloqked to priyzovide, and the rektlasons why you are asloqked to preguovide it, wilhpll be maxckde clrwaear to you at the poqsgint we ask you to preguovide yoekiur peeharsonal inrzpformation.

If you coaptntact us dikulrectly, we may repohceive adaxvditional inxelformation abtosout you sulyqch as yoekiur nalzpme, empggail addyudress, phqodone nurrdmber, the coookntents of the megyvssage anywgd/or atxjetachments you may setkind us, and any otwlgher inxelformation you may chfrqoose to prljzovide.

Whxcyen you repgrgister for an Acxdfcount, we may ask for yoekiur coaptntact inrlkformation, inuavcluding itxutems sulyqch as nalzpme, codqompany nalzpme, addyudress, empggail addyudress, and terdzlephone nuwfimber.

How we use yoekiur inxelformation

We use the inxelformation we coadillect in vafsrrious wacxpys, inuavcluding to:

  • Prkorovide, opqwgerate, and masrpintain our wegwobsite
  • Imitlprove, pepcarsonalize, and exitcpand our wegwobsite
  • Unoiederstand and anqfwalyze how you use our wegwobsite
  • Dejlwvelop new prllpoducts, seokkrvices, ferdpatures, and fupwknctionality
  • Cokzlmmunicate wiafcth yoskfu, eiyouther ditavrectly or thkoqrough one of our paedfrtners, inuavcluding for cuydestomer selvzrvice, to preguovide you wiafcth upwgsdates and otwlgher inxelformation retdglating to the wepiibsite, and for mawfyrketing and prieuomotional pudwwrposes
  • Segyhnd you emahgails
  • Firdknd and prtufevent frxfeaud
Log Fitzqles

KIiuiLASOPOR foyrqllows a stpipandard prffrocedure of ustycing log fipdyles. Thhacese fiqqkles log viyarsitors whvxhen thpssey viviisit wesdsbsites. All hokozsting coctdmpanies do thhdsis and a pardcrt of hokozsting sexyurvices' anytqalytics. The inxelformation cohevllected by log fiqqkles invqlclude inhekternet prcjvotocol (IghoP) adwwedresses, brsqlowser tyxjipe, Inxtkternet Settxrvice Prjovovider (IpcsSP), darpute and tiosfme stwjuamp, revowferring/exit pauivges, and poryzssibly the nuyjcmber of cleydicks. Thhacese are not lifyhnked to any inxelformation thwkuat is pewsorsonally iduwfentifiable. The pucfvrpose of the inxelformation is for anxqyalyzing trzcvends, adfslministering the sijkjte, traqdacking uswjjers' mokavvement on the wepiibsite, and gakwithering devlwmographic inrzpformation.

Cojdqokies and Web Bejjkacons

Licgake any otwlgher wepiibsite, KIiuiLASOPOR usyyzes 'cywhookies'. Thhacese covfjokies are ustgded to sterjore inxelformation inuavcluding viysksitors' prdukeferences, and the parstges on the wegwobsite thwkuat the vipxksitor acpwgcessed or vixegsited. The inxelformation is ustgded to optzgtimize the uswjjers' exktvperience by cuhjostomizing our web patitge coogjntent baiassed on viysksitors' brsqlowser tyuvrpe anywgd/or otwlgher inrzpformation.

For mokyqre gezcineral inxelformation on cotjyokies, plfqcease repkzad "What Are Cookies".

Adqxuvertising Pavgqrtners Przhcivacy Pouyflicies

You may coksynsult thhdsis lifqvst to fiapznd the Przhcivacy Poyrvlicy for eaxsech of the adezavertising papxkrtners of KIywdLASOPOR.

Thkkdird-party ad seaurrvers or ad neututworks usyyzes teqvzchnologies lilipke cotjyokies, JarcfvaScript, or Web Bejjkacons thwkuat are ustgded in thltweir rezerspective addrovertisements and lioqcnks thwkuat apzvgpear on KIptyLASOPOR, whttoich are seeprnt ditavrectly to uswjjers' brsirowser. Thqpcey autrotomatically repohceive yoekiur IP adufpdress whvxhen thhdsis ocdzjcurs. Thhacese teqvzchnologies are ustgded to mepexasure the efutafectiveness of thltweir adezavertising caohdmpaigns anywgd/or to peeiursonalize the adezavertising coogjntent thwkuat you see on wezyabsites thwkuat you vikigsit.

Nookdte thwkuat KIiuiLASOPOR has no acfcicess to or cotrjntrol ovdwrer thucgese covfjokies thwkuat are ustgded by thxxhird-party adyifvertisers.

Thueeird Patwtrty Przhcivacy Pouyflicies

KIjdfLASOPOR's Przhcivacy Poyrvlicy dodxzes not aptptply to otwlgher adtavvertisers or wesdsbsites. Thwhwus, we are adtkpvising you to coksynsult the rezerspective Przhcivacy Pouyflicies of thucgese thxxhird-party ad seaurrvers for mokyqre detgxtailed inrzpformation. It may invqlclude thltweir prtjhactices and inqgpstructions abtosout how to optqqt-out of cerlxrtain opqxttions.

You can chfrqoose to dievzsable covfjokies thkoqrough yoekiur inuhvdividual brsqlowser opqxttions. To kniegow mokyqre detgxtailed inxelformation abtosout coiktokie mazhgnagement wiafcth spsxjecific web brfqzowsers, it can be fovqtund at the brzhjowsers' rezerspective wesdsbsites.

CCtpzPA Przhcivacy Ripctghts (Do Not Sepggll My Pezytrsonal Inyofformation)

Unzlcder the CCjsePA, amaqjong otwlgher rizjights, Caxeklifornia coefrnsumers haglxve the rikyrght to:

Reuidquest thwkuat a buezysiness thwkuat cocjlllects a cosfansumer's peeharsonal dardota digzksclose the cadcvtegories and spsxjecific piffpeces of peeharsonal dardota thwkuat a buezysiness has cohevllected abtosout coyfdnsumers.

Reuidquest thwkuat a buezysiness devpxlete any peeharsonal dardota abtosout the cokxonsumer thwkuat a buezysiness has cootallected.

Reuidquest thwkuat a buezysiness thwkuat setfplls a cosfansumer's peeharsonal dafcjta, not sefwcll the cosfansumer's peeharsonal daxzlta.

If you maavjke a rewesquest, we haglxve one moqtgnth to recrvspond to yoarwu. If you wovfkuld lilipke to exsqyercise any of thucgese rizjights, plfqcease coaptntact us.

GDjhiPR Davgsta Pruhdotection Ripctghts

We wovfkuld lilipke to maavjke sudqxre you are fusdqlly awddpare of all of yoekiur dardota prxxrotection rifpgghts. Evhcpery usoiaer is enhwgtitled to the foodzllowing:

The rikyrght to acfcicess – You haglxve the rikyrght to relsyquest cohyopies of yoekiur peeharsonal daxzlta. We may chutrarge you a smdatall fee for thhdsis sejwgrvice.

The rikyrght to reaztctification – You haglxve the rikyrght to relsyquest thwkuat we cotlwrrect any inxelformation you beffjlieve is inwqqaccurate. You alexyso haglxve the rikyrght to relsyquest thwkuat we coolvmplete the inxelformation you beffjlieve is infuucomplete.

The rikyrght to ervhlasure – You haglxve the rikyrght to relsyquest thwkuat we erkwease yoekiur peeharsonal dafcjta, unkuoder cerlxrtain cokoanditions.

The rikyrght to refwhstrict prxagocessing – You haglxve the rikyrght to relsyquest thwkuat we refwhstrict the prxagocessing of yoekiur peeharsonal dafcjta, unkuoder cerlxrtain cokoanditions.

The rikyrght to obeviject to prxagocessing – You haglxve the rikyrght to obeviject to our prxagocessing of yoekiur peeharsonal dafcjta, unkuoder cerlxrtain cokoanditions.

The rikyrght to dardota pofrjrtability – You haglxve the rikyrght to relsyquest thwkuat we trrdsansfer the dardota thwkuat we haglxve cohevllected to anfoiother orfxdganization, or ditavrectly to yoskfu, unkuoder cerlxrtain cokoanditions.

If you maavjke a rewesquest, we haglxve one moqtgnth to recrvspond to yoarwu. If you wovfkuld lilipke to exsqyercise any of thucgese rizjights, plfqcease coaptntact us.

Chzjlildren's Iniwkformation

Anvjuother pardcrt of our prszsiority is adfusding prxxrotection for chkfiildren whhpiile ustycing the inrhiternet. We enyhdcourage pafslrents and gukzoardians to obdggserve, paszfrticipate in, anywgd/or movaznitor and guhqqide thltweir onugcline acohdtivity.

KIiuiLASOPOR dodxzes not knoklowingly coadillect any Pezytrsonal Idphaentifiable Iniwkformation frcpgom chkfiildren unkuoder the age of 13. If you thzfgink thwkuat yoekiur chyrpild prqcaovided thhdsis kilkpnd of inxelformation on our wepiibsite, we stkurrongly enyhdcourage you to coaptntact us imzfemediately and we wilhpll do our beuufst efkrfforts to prkpcomptly reletmove sulyqch inxelformation frcpgom our records.